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 Welcome to Coggle Me, a great tool for video creation enthusiasts! Our platform is designed to help you create stunning, engaging, and highly-visual content 

At Coggle Me, we understand that creating video content can be a daunting task. That's why we've made it our mission to simplify the process and make it accessible to everyone. With our AI-powered tools, you'll be able to produce high-quality videos in no time at all, without any prior experience or expensive equipment.

Effortless Text-to-Video Conversion  and lots more to come.

Ready to get started? Check out our in-depth tutorials on video creation with examples to help you get to grips with all this feature that Coggle Me has to offer.

To use and write prompts for video generation you'll need to understand the basics of text-based instructions for art generation first.

AI models are capable of creating stunning visuals from textual descriptions. Here's how to generate video prompts that will serve as an artist's guide for these models:

  1. Be Specific: AI models understand intricate details, so the more specific you are with your prompt, the better the generated video will be. This means providing information about the setting, characters, action, and anything else that's essential to your vision. For example: "clown fish swimming in a coral reef, beautiful, 8k, perfect, award winning, national geographic"
  2. Use Proper Grammar and Capitalization: Follow the rules of standard English grammar and capitalize names or proper nouns. This ensures that the AI model can understand your instructions more accurately.
  3. Consider the Context: Think about the wider context of your prompt. What kind of story or narrative are you trying to tell? How do the images relate to each other? This will help you create a cohesive and engaging video.
  4. Include Motion: Videos are all about movement, so include verbs in your prompt to help guide the AI models. 
  5. Include Timing: Specifying when actions should occur in your prompt can also help the AI models create a more coherent and engaging video. 
  6. Use Visual Language: Describe the elements you want to see in the video -- colors, textures, shapes, etc. 

Writing Good Prompts

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